MOTROM, s.r.o.

Manufacture of stainless steel and aluminum

  • We supply metallic technological units made of stainless steel, aluminum, steel and metal alloys.
  • We perform precision machining, cutting, forming and welding.
  • We manufacture according to drawing documentation.
  • We propose procedures to ensure the prescribed quality and product price optimization.


We weld stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and steel. Further stainless and Fe with TIG, CO2, MIG, MAG
We cut the welds and iron the edges.

  • TIG 300 AC/DC a CO 300 Megatronie
  • 220 Fronius AC/DC
  • 316 Sherman profi AC/DC
  • 180 Fronius without cooling system
  • Profile and sheet metal welder

We work and face metals

We have new machines from Vicla

  • Hydraulic table shears (maximum cutting length 3.2 m, thickness 12 mm)
  • Hydraulic bending press (nominal pressure 250t, max. Bending length 3.2m)
  • Flowdrill technology
  • Technology for forming holes and threads into closed profiles, tubes, thin sheets and all metallic materials.
Pedestal drill
presses adapted for bending
and other hand tools and devices

Final adjustments

  • Surface treatment is provided in cooperation with experts
  • companies.
  • Stainless steel - polishing, grinding, pickling
  • Aluminum - anodized, komaxit
  • We can also brush or trickle.

Our partners

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