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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a modern and ecological method for machining a wide variety of materials.
We specialize in cutting stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper.

We also cut:
  • glass, plexiglass, fiberglass,
  • wood, plywood,
  • paving, granite, marble, stone materials,
  • plastics, rubber,
  • composites of any type,
  • and other materials.

Flow – Mach 3b

Operating pressure 4150 Bar
Dimensions 3 m x 2 m
Linear accuracy 0,04 mm / 1 m
Repeat accuracy 0,05 mm
Stroke in the Z axis 150 mm
řezací hlavy mach 3 flow

Highlights of high pressure water and abrasive jet cutting

  • There is no thermal stress on the material and internal stress.
  • You can also cut soft and sticky or crumbly and brittle materials.
  • High cut accuracy (+/- 0.0381 mm to 0.914 m) is achieved.
  • Do not damage the surface treatment of materials (polishing, grinding, ...).
  • The result is a high-quality, burst-free cut and an award-winning price.


An enlarged view of roughness at a thickness of 60mm

drsnost řezu

Please include a specific surface requirement in your request.